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Group & Business Volunteer Opportunities

Is your business or group ready for a new challenge?  Are you ready to collectively put your mark on the community?

There are many opportunities!

*Due to the complexity of our operations, one-time group opportunities are not always available.  Looking for a creative way to engage your team offsite, outside of our opportunities listed below?  Contact us!

Check with Human Resources to see if your workplace has a "corporate match" program, such as corporate donations for volunteer hours or matched donations.

Current Group Opportunities

Click on 'show more' to apply for each of these opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunity:

In the Community

20+ Volunteers Needed

Volunteer (or form a team to build) at Canstruction Madison (April 2020)

Canstruction® Madison is a community competition to end hunger in our community, April 8-19, 2020 at West Towne Mall! For information about last year's Canstruction event, visit There will be lots of volunteer opportunities available. 

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Check back here in February/March 2020 for volunteer sign up information!  

Volunteer Opportunity:

In the Community

4-8 Volunteers Needed

Senior Home Chore Assistance & Leaf Raking

Help seniors maintain household independence by providing indoor (light) home chore assistance and outdoor chores (seasonal opportunity) for senior clients. Great volunteer opportunity for a family or a business!

Spend time together while helping a senior client with household chores or yard work (leaf raking in the Fall and yard clean-up in the Spring).

Volunteer Opportunity:


2-3 Volunteers Needed

Cleaners at Food Pantry

Do you like to Clean? Our Food Pantry is very busy and needs cleaning after it closes each day. Put a smile on the face of MOM clients when they come to shop in a clean building.

Group Volunteer Interest Form

This Interest/Inquiry Form is the first step in the process.

After you hit 'Submit', we will follow up with you on the rest of the process. All information given on this form is kept strictly confidential and NOT shared with outside sources. This form is currently not complete. Please fill out the information below and we will return your email with a more complete form. Thank you for your patience.

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By submitting this inquiry form, my group agrees to the following:

MOM is a social service agency and United Way-funded. We will abide by all rules and stated policies -

We will promote the basic mission of MOM and abide by the Code of Conduct for Volunteers.

(to provide safe, caring environment for all clients; to keep sensitive information confidential; to represent MOM in a professional manner, to arrive on time for our shift).

We understand that we may not take any goods from MOM unless they are deemed surplus.

We will accurately complete records required during our volunteer shift, and consult with appropriate staff prior to any action or statement that might significantly affect or obligate MOM.

We agree to keep CONFIDENTIAL all information we see, hear or read at MOM, and abide by MOM's on-site Photo Policy.

No photos may be taken inside the building, particularly of MOM clients, unless pre-approved by MOM's Communications Manager.

We give consent for Middleton Outreach Ministry, Inc., to use our photographs and likenesses in its publications and website with or without specific identifying information.

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