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Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving


MOM is thrilled to announce our commitment to building a community where everyone has the stability to thrive with the launch of our Madison Community Foundation endowment fund.

The MOM (Middleton Outreach Ministry) Endowment is now established and we are excited to be able to take this opportunity to build the current and future stability of our work towards a more equitable community together.

The endowment will:
• Help to broaden MOM’s financial base and serve donors who wish to support our work long-term.
• Facilitate the growth of planned giving and bequests.
• Provide a forever stream of income to support MOM’s general operations or a specific program.
• Allow and encourage donations to support MOM’s work today and into the future.

Funds donated to the MOM (Middleton Outreach Ministry) Endowment are invested in a socially responsive portfolio. 

To learn more, contact Peggy at, or 608.826.3402.


Leave a Legacy

You hold the key to their future.   A bequest or gift in your will ensures that MOM can continue to be a resource for the children and families in our community, tomorrow and for years to come. Please consider remembering MOM in your will and estate plans and become a member of MOM’s Legacy Society. 

MOM's Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have arranged to make a future gift or bequest to MOM, as well as deceased individuals  who previously left a legacy gift to MOM.  Of course, you can elect to be recognized or remain anonymous as you choose.

Upon notification to MOM that you have made plans to make a future gift, as evidenced by documentation, you will be enrolled as a member of MOM’s Legacy Society. You will not be asked to share your documents with MOM. 
Typically, individuals make a future gift to MOM via.
1.      A bequest in a will or trust,
2.      A life insurance policy, or
3.      A named beneficiary to a retirement plan or IRA.

MOM will be happy to discuss other future gift options that you may be considering.

MOM recommends that you consult with your attorney, financial planner, tax advisor, etc. as you make your estate plans. MOM does not provide legal, financial or tax advice. When referring to MOM in a will, beneficiary designation, etc., please use "Middleton Outreach Ministry, Inc. or its successor agency".



If you would like to make a provision in your estate for MOM, please share the following bequest language with your attorney. 

  • Unrestricted General Bequest Language
    I hereby leave (percentage of estate or dollar amount) to Middleton Outreach Ministry, Inc. in Middleton, WI to be used for the greatest needs of MOM as determined by MOM's leadership.
  • Restricted General Bequest Language
    I hereby leave (percentage of estate or dollar amount) to Middleton Outreach Ministry, Inc. in Middleton, WI to be used for the following restricted purpose: _________________________________________)

If you would like to provide a restricted gift to MOM, please have your attorney contact MOM to ensure donor intent is clearly and appropriately documented.


Thank You for choosing to remember MOM in your estate plans.

EIN #: 39-1484945


Need more information?  Contact Peggy at, or 608.826.3402. 

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