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Youth raise money through soccer camp

Youth raise money through soccer camp
July 28, 2017 DonorsYouth and Families

Payton (second from the right) wanted to hold a soccer camp for kids ages 4-8 in the neighborhood over the summer, so she got some of her friends together to help. They were also looking for a way to benefit a local charity, so the five girls, all going into 5th grade at Glacier Creek Middle School this coming year, set to planning.

The girls created flyers, and listed a cost of $5, with the proceeds from the camp to be donated to MOM.  They held the camp in Payton's backyard for about 90 minutes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Following the final day of camp, the girls brought in their proceeds (in addition to several additional donations from several families) which totaled $85!

Said Payton's mother Jenelle, "I was obviously proud that they wanted to do something to support MOM, but they honestly ran a good camp! They met beforehand to plan drills, games, etc--they had a game plan for each day. They were organized and stayed positive and energetic with the kids. It was a great experience for them on many levels!"

A huge thank you to these five wonderful youth (and the camp participants) for making a difference in their community!

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