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Why I Support: Judith Sanabria, Volunteer

Why I Support: Judith Sanabria, Volunteer
November 4, 2020 Why I Give

After working in my company for the past 21 years, I had finally retired! Now I have the privilege to volunteer at MOM, which is extremely beneficial to our most vulnerable community, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. While growing up in Puerto Rico, my family had always encouraged me to help our neighbors. 34 years ago, I moved to Middleton, WI with my husband and our three children. We were not completely prepared at all for Wisconsin’s winter, but with help from church members and the community, we received what our family needed to endure the cold weather. I encourage those within the community and beyond to join MOM’s great effort!  Your time and donations can help those in need so much, especially during these difficult days we are living in. Overall, it has been a great blessing and opportunity to give back by loving and caring for our neighbors, as we do for ourselves!

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