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Why I Support: Craig Keleher, Board Member

Why I Support: Craig Keleher, Board Member
October 29, 2020 Why I Give

Approximately half of the people MOM serves are children. There are many reasons why I support MOM, but the heartbreaking thought that there are hungry children in our community who don’t know where their next meal will come from is really the only one I need.

Everyone deserves a chance to be successful in life – especially children, who often have little to no control over their household circumstances. Success begins with having the basic necessities of life covered: food, clothing, and shelter. A missed paycheck, an extended illness in the family, and other factors beyond our control can present challenges to securing our next meal, keeping the kids warm, or making rent. This is where MOM can lend a helping hand.

I hope that you will join me in supporting MOM this #GivingTuesday, so that this wonderful organization may continue to lend a helping hand to our families, friends, and neighbors. Let’s brighten a child’s day! Together we can help children to be happy and successful.

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