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Why I Give: Starr Grass Band

Why I Give: Starr Grass Band
October 30, 2018

Siblings Lucas, Lucy and Laura are local musicians who use their talents to support MOM and make a difference for other kids in their community. They play music at the Westside Community Farmer’s Market, setting out a hat to collect donations as people pass by. Then they contribute what they raise to MOM. Here, in their own words, is why they do it:

Lucas (age 12) I play my banjo at Farmer's Markets. People freely give to our band. Because people give to me, I freely give to others. God gave to me first. God gave me a family, a warm house and food. We don't need a whole lot of things, (we don't need Lego's), but we do need to have good food and to love one another. That is why I give.

Lucy (age 10) I play my fiddle at Westside Community Farmer's Market. I like to give to others because it is easier than trying to figure out what to spend money on.

Laura (age 8) I play my fiddle at the Market. I like to give to MOM because I don't want to see anybody hungry. No one has ever said, " Hi Laura, I am hungry." But I know that people are. MOM knows these people. I want people all over Madison and Middleton to know that they are loved. That is why I give. No one should be hungry for food or love.

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