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Why I Give: Ruth Smith, MOM Volunteer

Why I Give: Ruth Smith, MOM Volunteer
October 30, 2018 Why I Give

(photo: We asked local kids why they need healthy food. Here's one reason they gave us.)

by Ruth Smith, MOM Volunteer

I have volunteered with MOM for the past eight years. I have worked as a food pantry host, a Canstruction designer, and on the CSC (Community Service Council) Board. I am always blown away by how generously people in the community support MOM and how often it is designated as the beneficiary for charity events.

I think this is because people know how important it is to have a safety net for those in need in our community. Some of the people I help have chronic health issues or other persistent problems, but often I meet people who are working two jobs to make ends meet or who recently got laid off. MOM is here for all of them, and would be here for me if I needed that help.

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