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Why I Give: Pastor Connie Matye, Board Member

Why I Give: Pastor Connie Matye, Board Member
October 28, 2021 Why I GiveGiving Tuesday

I have a vocational rehabilitation background and when I first toured MOM, thanks to a member here at West Middleton Lutheran Church, I was impressed with several things. I appreciated that people using the Food Pantry shopped the pantry just like I shop at the grocery store for what I need. Often, too often, I have witnessed food pantries handing a bag to someone, which gives the impression that the food pantry knows what the person needs. I love the empowerment of the shop. I also loved the Case Manager piece at MOM. This empowers people for the future rather than just giving them help for the next week or two. Case Management was critical in the rehabilitation process and I feel critical in the process of helping people regain their financial independence. Finally, after becoming a member of the Board I was struck by the attention given to the dignity and worth of the people being helped through MOM. There is a real dedication to empowerment and personhood.

Join Connie to #BuildStrongerFutures in our community by helping us raise $60,000 on #GivingTuesday to end hunger and prevent homelessness in our community.

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