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Why I Give: Nissa Judd, Board Member

Why I Give: Nissa Judd, Board Member
November 5, 2019 Why I GiveGiving Tuesday

I grew up in Middleton; went from Northside Elementary to Kromrey to graduating from MHS in the early 90’s. Never did I see what I thought was a homeless or near homeless student. So, when I was at a breakfast where the superintendent of MCPASD spoke of the nearly 100 homeless students in our district, I was shocked. Then, my inner Oprah took over and I knew I had to do something. I joined the MOM Board and donate my time and money so that those students in our community don’t have to worry about whether or not they will have the food they need, or clothing to wear, or, ultimately, a roof over their heads. MOM works to provide food and housing security while offering hope to the families in need of our services. Giving to MOM not only helps these people, it makes me feel good to hear how we’re helping, and it gives me an opportunity to teach my daughters about giving back and supporting our community. 

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