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Why I Give: Kary Beck

Why I Give:  Kary Beck
November 23, 2016 Why I GiveDonorsFood PantrySharing Christmas

by Kary Beck, Board Member

My first involvement with MOM was through the Sharing Christmas program. I wanted to give to a local charity; maybe make a difference in the lives of neighbors here on Madison’s far west side. My children were adults, and I saw adopting a family as a fun way to make someone’s holiday celebration special while allowing me the enjoyment of shopping for the latest and greatest toys.

I was disappointed when my assigned family was two elderly parents and a disabled adult child in Cross Plains. They didn’t want cool toys. They wanted boots and sweatshirts. #Boring  So I popped down to MOM’s offices, intending to trade for a younger family. The social worker told me their story, or as much as she could while preserving confidential information. This family was struggling to have food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, pay bills to stay warm. They were good people in a bad place. I changed my mind. This was supposed to be about making a difference, not gallivanting through Toys-R-Us.

That weekend I used my 30% department store coupon to stay within the $50 per person limit and yet spend a bit more. I found sturdy boots, cozy sweatshirts and added warm socks and mittens. Just in case these were the only presents, I wrapped each item separately so that they could prolong the fun of opening gifts. I tucked little notes of well wishes for the coming year in each package, and maybe a heaven sent prayer that the next year would better for my adopted family.

Since that first introduction, I’ve also participated in the Thanksgiving baskets program, picked-up goodies at Creating for a Cause Art Fair and bought ReMitts from Barriques. My husband and I donate to the capital campaign and attend most of the events. We will be visiting MOM’s  site on #GivingTuesday to help our low and very-low income neighbors make it through the bad times, and have hope for the future.

We hope you will too.


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