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Why I Give: Jan Fulwiler

Why I Give:  Jan Fulwiler
November 8, 2017 Why I Give

As a psychologist I know that if you don’t have your basic needs met, nothing else matters. Hunger trumps every activity. Without food, clothing and shelter, there is no possibility of learning, working or even existing—much less growing and thriving. I think about this when deciding where to apply my time and energy.

MOM specializes in distributing food, clothing and helping prevent homelessness. 48% of their clients are children. If you care about the education gap, you might consider this: Hungry kids can’t learn.

I decided that this one organization focuses on the most important needs in our area. And they do it with a small staff and many volunteers. So I give money, sort clothes, and co-organize the Holiday Art Fair. You can join me in changing the world - one bag of groceries at a time.


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