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Why I Give: Darren Fortney, Board Member

Why I Give: Darren Fortney, Board Member
November 5, 2019 Why I GiveGiving Tuesday

(Photo from MOM’s Rockin’ School Backpack Event at Capital Brewery)

I give because I both REMEMBER and SEE.  

I REMEMBER having both food shortage and housing instability as a child and the stress that it put on my family and me. Not always having food on the table or available to take to school is something that is not easily forgotten. Not knowing if we had enough money for housing brought similar stress; something I should have never had to worry about as a child. Living most of my life in a single-parent household with a mother working to support six children, I experienced firsthand what others are unfortunately going through today. Even as an adult, I still remember these feelings as if they were only yesterday.

I also SEE. I see MOM doing the very things in our community that I needed as a child. I am not sure who else could pick up the slack. Whether it is providing food, clothing, or housing assistance, I see firsthand how MOM helps those in need, even in the community I now live.  I see that more than HALF those served at MOM are children. Children in my own community!  I see children today that remind me of me back then. MOM is an organization that I am now proud to serve on their Board of Directors and will always remain high on my giving radar.

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