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Why I Give: Christian Huber

Why I Give: Christian Huber
October 25, 2021 Why I GiveGiving TuesdayYouth and Families

When Christian was eight years old, he read a book about a group of kids about his age who raised money to help endangered turtles. He thought, “If they can help, then I can too.” He began brainstorming ideas of how to raise money to make a difference. He soon settled on a bake sale (chocolate chip cookies and banana chocolate chip muffins) and lemonade stand. Christian spent a full day baking and preparing along with making flyers and dropping them off in the neighbors’ mailboxes (with his sister’s help). That first year, he had a steady flow of customers and even took a few donations from out of state relatives. He ended up raising over $100 to help endangered penguins—his chosen cause for the year.

Since then, Christian’s bake sale and lemonade stand has grown each year. This past year, Christian chose MOM’s Back to School program as his focus. His menu options have remained the same but his customer base has grown. Neighbors and friends from near and far have made generous donations in amounts far exceeding the cost of the 50 cent cups of lemonade or $2 bags of cookies. Last year, he raised $668 to help MOM purchase school supplies to fill backpacks so kids in our community could have the resources they need to start the school year ready to learn. Christian said, “I wanted to help kids get school supplies because I knew some families couldn't afford it because of Covid. I wanted to challenge myself to raise more than other years - and I did! It was fun to see so many people come to my bake sale.”

Join Christian to #BuildStrongerFutures in our community by helping us raise $60,000 on #GivingTuesday to end hunger and prevent homelessness in our community.

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