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Why I Give: Char Lodl, Volunteer

Why I Give: Char Lodl, Volunteer
November 5, 2019 Why I GiveGiving Tuesday

First and foremost, I give because of my Dad. Dad instilled in us that “it’s important to be a good neighbor”.  Whether it be someone living next door, or across the city, if they need help, you should be there for them. It was an early education on the “Pay Forward” philosophy. You never know when you will need help. If you have been a good neighbor, then most likely there will be people there for you. I lived that lesson this past year. My husband, Tom, suffered from a brain tumor. While I cared for him, neighbors and friends really helped me out. MOM has those type of friends. Their staff encouraged me to reach out to them if I needed help with the lawn, household, etc. as well as if I needed to use their food bank. I was fortunate enough to be able to make it on my own, but knowing that if it got tough, I had somewhere to turn to make a definite impression on me. While Dad and Tom are no longer with me, they continue to inspire me to give – of my talent, my time and, when able, financially.

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