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We Can Build Stronger Futures by Helping Families Maintain Stable Housing

We Can Build Stronger Futures by Helping Families Maintain Stable Housing
November 4, 2021 Giving TuesdayClient StoriesHousing Stability

Monique, a single mother of four children, was laid off from her job at a local hotel when the Covid pandemic hit in March of 2020. Since Monique did not have any income, she was afraid she was going to get evicted and moved out to avoid having an eviction on her record. She and her children were able to stay at a friend's apartment, but she knew this was only temporary. Monique was able to do some odd jobs for friends to help with the bills where she was staying, but it was not enough to make ends meet and she was asked to move out within a month. 

Even though Monique was afraid of contracting COVID-19 while working in the service industry, she took a job at a fast food restaurant.  She was able to start working right away and saved up some money for move-in costs. Monique reached out to MOM to discuss what type of assistance she would be eligible for. Monique met with a case manager, who provided her with a list of apartments in the MOM service area. Monique immediately began making calls. She was able to find an apartment, but the rent was more than she was hoping to pay. Monique stated, "This is really going to be tight, but I need to provide shelter for my kids somehow." The case manager informed Monique that she qualified for assistance with move-in costs, as well as COVID-19 funds. Monique paid a portion of the security deposit and with the assistance from MOM, her amount due was paid in full. Monique has maintained her employment and was even promoted to a shift leader. She said it is still hard at times and she still worries for her health and safety. But now that they have stable housing, she can focus on building a stronger future for her family.

Your gift this #GivingTuesday can help families like Monica's build stronger futures.

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