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Volunteering Through the Years: Steve Hathaway

Volunteering Through the Years: Steve Hathaway
April 20, 2020 Volunteers

We are so grateful for the volunteers who have made our work at MOM possible for 40 years. To celebrate MOM's 40th anniversary, we're sharing a few stories from some of our most dedicated long-time volunteers. Here are some of Steve Hathaway's memories of volunteering at MOM:

I began volunteering with MOM at the old food pantry warehouse on Montclair Drive over ten years ago.  I’m not sure of the square footage of that structure, but it was probably one-quarter of the size of our current facility. That space was shared by both the food pantry and the clothing closet. There was also no storage space except for a small upstairs loft that was used primarily by the clothing closet. So we had to get very creative in using the space. It was sometimes a challenge to figure out how to display the food for clients. We didn't serve nearly as many clients back then as we do today. Clients would walk down two rows of racks, probably 24 feet long to make their food choices. We had some stand-alone refrigerators and a chest freezer in the back. 

I remember finding creative solutions to problems then. For example, we started receiving larger amounts of produce from Second Harvest (nowhere near the 2,000 pounds that we receive on some days today) and really had no place to display it. In the winter months, we would just place the black crates on the floor next to the racks for client shopping. In the summer, we erected a small tent outside in the parking lot to make a mini-farmers market. That worked for a year or two until we lost the tent to a storm. I also remember getting creative with eggs. Eggs were great, but we never received many.  So Bill Ziegler and I found that an egg carton would perfectly fit in a miter saw box. We would use a miter saw to turn a dozen eggs into two, half-dozen egg cartons. We got very good at it with only a few egg casualties.

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