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Volunteering through the Years: Kerrie Rickert

Volunteering through the Years: Kerrie Rickert
April 24, 2020 Volunteers

We are so grateful for the volunteers who have made our work at MOM possible for 40 years. To celebrate MOM's 40th anniversary, we're sharing a few stories from some of our most dedicated long-time volunteers. Here are some of Kerrie Rickert's memories of volunteering at MOM:

I have been a volunteer in the clothing closet at MOM for over ten years. I got involved after I heard about the volunteer opportunities from a friend. When I started volunteering 10 years ago, the set-up was similar but on a much smaller scale. There would only be a couple volunteers in the clothing closet during each shift, instead of three to four in the new location. The quantity and variety of clothing/household items is much greater now, and the new building provides enough space to do so. Also, the parking lot in the new location is much improved. 

I really have enjoyed volunteering at MOM. The volunteers I work with are wonderful, and the clients are so nice and very appreciative of what we do. I always look forward to helping out each week, and feel good afterwards. Volunteering is a very rewarding experience.

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