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Volunteering Through the Years: Jerry Doll

Volunteering Through the Years: Jerry Doll
May 7, 2020 volunteers

We are so grateful for the volunteers who have made our work at MOM possible for 40 years. To celebrate MOM's 40th anniversary, we're sharing a few stories from some of our most dedicated long-time volunteers. Here are some of Jerry Doll's memories of volunteering at MOM:

In the early 90s, Mary Ann and I started helping on Saturday mornings at the food pantry when it was in the basement of St. Luke's church. When the church needed the space, MOM's food pantry moved to the Middleton industrial park and we continued helping on Saturday mornings as clients came. Kermit was the Distribution Center manager then. At some point, I became a catalyst for our parish (St. Thomas Aquinas) to become one of the member parishes of MOM. This lead to me joining the MOM board, serving as president for a year during the Dietrich years. 

It was great to help MOM celebrate our 25th anniversary with a parade through Middleton. One year the Good Neighbor Fest has red as a theme; my little red Ford Ranger became the lead vehicle for MOM in the parade! I was part of the team that formed the MOM garden project. For a few years, I mentored some of our Spanish speaking clients. Lately my volunteering for the garden has been as a member of the team that waters vegetable seedlings in the greenhouse until they are ready to plant in the garden.  Lastly, for about 15 years, I've been a volunteer driver and have been blessed to be with some amazing people.

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