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Volunteering Through the Years: Janet Bybee

Volunteering Through the Years: Janet Bybee
April 22, 2020 volunteers

We are so grateful for the volunteers who have made our work at MOM possible for 40 years. To celebrate MOM's 40th anniversary, we're sharing a few stories from some of our most dedicated long-time volunteers. Here are some of Janet Bybee's memories of volunteering at MOM:

When I retired, I knew I wanted to continue to contribute to my community in some way. I was fortunate to become a volunteer for Middleton Outreach Ministry.

I began my volunteering weekly as a client host at the Food Pantry in the Middleton Business Park. It was an adequate facility, and MOM was able to stock the shelves with needed food items as well as provide a small Clothing Closet where clients could find clothing and household items.  However, the aisles were narrow, there were only a few refrigerators, and the frozen items were housed in a large chest-type freezer. The produce section was in the reception area. However, clients were pleased to be able to find the food and clothing items that MOM provided. I am happy to note that several of the volunteers that I served with at that facility are still volunteering, and I see them weekly.  

I eventually also began volunteering at the reception desk at the MOM Office in downtown Middleton. It was here that case managers met with potential clients. Initially, all the scheduling was done by hand on a large appointment calendar. But it worked! The building also housed all the other MOM staff members in small, but adequate office spaces.

When MOM acquired the new facility where the Office and Distribution Center could be in the same location, it was truly awesome!! The new Distribution Center is very spacious, with a great waiting area, as well as a spacious well-stocked pantry area with several walk-in freezers and a large storage area. The clients may also enjoy a large “boutique-type” Clothing Closet, offering seasonal clothing and household goods. It is truly a pleasure to welcome clients to shop as often as needed. The Office has beautiful spaces for staff members, as well as a pleasant reception area and meeting room. And, of course, all the scheduling is now quite in the digital age!  

I am grateful that I have been part of the Middleton Outreach Ministry for a small part of its 40-year existence. Congratulations to MOM for all that it has contributed during those years to assist the people of this community. Best wishes for its continuation long into the future!

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