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Vierbicher Food Drives Raises Nearly 5,000 Pounds of Food

Vierbicher Food Drives Raises Nearly 5,000 Pounds of Food
December 12, 2018 Food DrivesBusinesses

Having fun while supporting MOM is a win all the way around. Each year Vierbicher of Middleton organizes a food drive. Allison Mancl has used the food drive to create a team building experience for her fellow employees. “For our food drive, we make it a competition between the four departments in our office. We run the food drive for 6 days. Each item from the top ten list gets assigned a point value. At the end of each day, we tally up the points. The final day is a sabotage day where each team can bring in items that count as negative points towards another team. The winning team gets bragging rights and a happy hour, which they share with the office," Allison explains.

Vierbicher has grown their drive over the past 5 years. Vierbicher watches MOM's TOP 10 lists, donating most needed food items, like bottled water, low sugar beverages, and healthy trail mix.  The pounds donated have increased at an incredible rate. In 2014, the first year, the total weight of the donated items was 842 pounds. This year it was... drum roll please...4822 pounds!

Allison states, “This is by far my favorite event to organize for the office. I think to help out when we can is very important. Thanks to so many at Vierbicher for this amazing support."

Looking for a way for your business to support MOM? You might want to consider following Vierbicher's example!

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