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The Clark Family

The Clark Family
March 1, 2016 Client StoriesUtility Assistance

This past winter was rough for the Clark family.  Megan’s husband suffered a major illness earlier in the year, and needed life-saving but expensive surgery and post-care.  That would cause enough anxiety for any family to crumble.  For the Clark family of six, this scare was especially devastating, as he was unable to go back to work for the rest of the year, with no disability insurance to cover his time away. 

Megan worked, but her income at a local restaurant wasn’t enough to sustain the family, especially when the cold weather hit and energy bills began to climb.  Where do you turn when you don’t have help to recover from such a devastating hit, and you feel scared and alone?  What do you do when your children come home from school, excited about their day only to find little to eat and parents in crisis?

For area residents, having MOM around the corner means that there IS somewhere to turn.  For the Clark family, it meant a one-time Utility grant that paid the bills so that the lights and heat could stay on without putting the family farther into crisis and debt.  For other people, it’s the access to food whenever they need it, or a Case Manager who knows the community and can help connect them with the resources they need. 

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