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Thank You Volunteers of Ten Years or More

Thank You Volunteers of Ten Years or More
April 21, 2021

Did you know that we have over 50 volunteers who have been at MOM for at least ten years? Wow! We are especially thankful to these long-time volunteers who have stuck with us through the years. Their commitment helps us provide steady services to families in our community.

During Volunteer Appreciation Week, we are sending an extra big thank you to the following individuals and organizations who have volunteered with MOM for ten years or more:

Karla Anderegg

Kathy Andersen

Jill Annis

Anna Biermeier

Laura Bloomenkranz

Cathy Bowers

Janet Bybee

Donna Denruiter

Jerry Denruiter

Jerry Doll

Roger Gmur

Sara Green

Nancy Gunder

James Haas

Linda Haas

Steve Hathaway

Ellen Humke

Dan Johnson

Joe Johnson

Mary Johnson

Kathy Kieckhafer

Janice Krall

Scott Kramer

Gail Krc

Marcia Kushner

Roy Lembcke

Sally Mazur

Lynn Metz

Middleton Action Team

Mindy Myers

National Charity League (NCL)

Connie Ott

Vanessa Paeschke

Brenda Pagel

Megan Pletzer

Anita Poehlman

Jeff Postle

Christine Ragatz

Carol Randall

Joanie Ripp

Gary Schmuhl

Barbara Sheehy

Jody Sikir

Ruth Smith

Standard Imaging, Inc.

Thomas Thousand

Jeanne Topel

Judy Valaskey

Eileen Vassau

Barbara Wiley

Vina Yang

William Ziegler

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