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Summer Youth Campers Speak Eloquently about Service

Summer Youth Campers Speak Eloquently about Service
July 21, 2016 VolunteersMOM NewsYouth and Families


I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to youth about service, and some of the comments that they made are below.  What a great caring community we live in.

What does poverty look like?

  • I think a family in poverty would look like parents working hard but not getting anywhere, kids not getting the opportunities as anyone else.  People going to bed hungry, wondering what it would be like to have more money.
  • A family in poverty may not always look sad.  They could have dirty clothes, bad teeth, and ripped shoes.  They could also look perfectly fine. 

What is a volunteer or what does service mean?

  • Service is an act you do with the purpose of helping someone else.  It’s when you look at someone and ask….what they need and then doing it.
  • Using your time to help people and show compassion without receiving material things in return for our work.  I enjoyed volunteering this week.  I enjoyed doing whatever MOM let’s me do.  Every job is important.
  • Volunteering is when you decide to help.

How do you provide service for MOM or people in your community and get around the barriers of being a kid?  

  • I cook meals for my family.
  • Educate yourself on topics.
  • We could give 2 people a (positive) comment, and then tell them to give a comment to 2 more people.

Volunteering is best when you use your talents.  How might you use your talents to provide service to MOM or to those in poverty?

  • (I could perform on) stilts, entertaining people as a fundraiser or play the piano.
  • I’m good with Lego’s. I could build something, take a picture, and make a picture and a poster saying something like “build on your greatness.”
  • One of my talents would be planning activities. so I could plan a fun event with sports. I love watching kids have fun and playing sports.  This would earn money for MOM.  That would be my dream is to make a huge activity and raise money!
  • I’m good at running, so I could also host a 5K to raise money for MOM.
  • I’m good with kids – watch kids while parents are at work, meeting with counselors, work with kids, etc.
  • I live to write- I could write things to raise awareness
  • I think I could do a weekly thing around my neighborhood that raises money for MOM’s.  I would help and bring up MOM’s in student council.
  • Setting up a carpool so someone can get a ride to their club/activity if their family is unable to do so.
  • Trying to stop systemic racism.  

  My Ideal World:  My hope for my future….

  • I want a world where everyone has an equal chance. No one has less opportunities because of their gender, race, religion, disability, money, where they live, or anything.  I want a world where everyone truly cares about everyone, where everyone got food, water, clothes, a shelter, and a good education. 
  • My wish would be no one would care about money or looks, but about happiness!
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