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Not just a radish, it's resilience

Not just a radish, it's resilience
April 21, 2018 Client StoriesCollaborationsFood Pantry

Josiah had struggled with mental illness all his life, making maintaining work difficult. Without family in the area, he didn’t have much of a support network. When Josiah came to MOM, he had reached an all-time low. He was out of food, medication—and hope. “I’ve always thought of myself as a resilient person,” Josiah said. “But when I came to MOM, I was tired. Sometimes simply maintaining a subsistence-level existence takes everything you have. When you fall into that deep, dark place, you realize that how anyone arrives there is irrelevant to finding your way out. What does matter is giving people a reason to believe they can change their circumstances—and giving them the means to change their lives, find a sense of purpose and restore their personal dignity. MOM does that.”

At MOM, Josiah filled his grocery cart with food. He also got support navigating the health care system so he could get the treatment he needed. With radishes in his fridge and peanut butter on his shelves, Josiah was able to re-ignite his natural resilience and plot a path out of the dark place he had found himself in.

Will you support MOM today? MOM serves people just like Josiah throughout west Madison, Middleton and Cross Plains. Your contribution is about more than peanut butter and radishes. It’s about people and community—and helping each other be resilient in difficult times.

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