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NET is full of pretty awesome people.

NET is full of pretty awesome people.
February 25, 2014 BusinessesFood DrivesVolunteersDonorsFood Programs

Every year NET launches an employee-powered, extremely creative fundraiser for Middleton Outreach Ministry – NET’s Annual Holiday Food Drive Challenge. It is a testament to building fun, camaraderie and internal competitive spirit focused on creating good.

Getting started.

Program coordinator Laura Duffield  announced the four randomly assigned teams and team leaders. And, she set the challenge “The team to donate the most lengths wins! The winning team will be awarded with a giant pat on the back and bragging rights for the next year!”

The Food Drive Rules were simple. Teams competed by completing “lengths.” A length was determined by lines taped on the floor of the warehouse with food items aligned along the tape. A team scored one “length” each time a distance was completed.

Each day a bonus item was announced, which was allowed the team to position the donated food item “the long way” along the length to allow teams to their goal faster. On Monday, the bonus was canned fruit.

A list of most needed items was distributed to the teams: canned fruit, canned soup, boxed meals, spaghetti sauce, toilet paper, sugar, cooking oil, shampoo, cereal, meals in a can, diapers, fruit juice, laundry detergent, toothpaste and brushes, peanut butter and jelly.

In addition to employee food donations, NET Chairman and CEO Greg Williams made a cash donation that amounts to the total number of items collected.

When Laura issued this call, “Please join in helping those who are in need this holiday season and help the office have a little fun competition with your participation!”  80 people stepped up to help.

Each day the program coordinator encouraged and upped the ante. 

Here are some examples of her fun messages.

"Team Susan is in the lead. Team Rob’s row is looking a little sad. Lunch is a great time to grab a few items for your team."

"Don’t forget to check the “most needed” item list. You can donate more than just the bonus items."

"Last year NET donated 1,263 items – let’s beat that! "

"Team Rob takes the lead with close to 2 lengths complete!"

"Thank you to everyone who has donated items so far. What we’re doing makes a difference for people who really need it."

"Don’t forget tomorrow’s bonus item is boxed meals – all boxes can be laid the long way."

"TWO MORE DAYS left in our food drive and Rob’s team is still in the lead with almost 4 lengths completed!"

As the week was closing, Laura kept up the momentum up. Read her messages.

"Friday is upon us. Tomorrow is the last day to complete your rows. We are currently at 730 items and Susan’s team is in the lead with almost 5 lengths complete!"

"Tomorrow’s bonus item is toilet paper – this is always a big length item so buy in bulk!"

"TOMORROW ONLY we are introducing a new trick – 5 Buck Cash & Dash!"

She goes on to explain that each $5 donations will allow teams to “steal” a foot of another team’s row. Emphasizing there was a specified judge to witness “stealing” and that IOU’s were not accepted. She closed with, “Good luck!  Tomorrow is going to get interesting.”

And on the final day, her thanks to all who participated.

Congratulations Team Susan! Susan’s team is the official winner with more than 11 lengths complete. Way to hide all that toilet paper in your car, BJ. 

Together we collected 1,739 items!  Way to beat last year, everyone!  We were also able to collect $250 from all the feet stolen and the items bought back. 

With NET Chairman and CEO Greg Williams generously matching the items and money raised, NET gave Middleton Outreach Ministry $2,239 on top of all the food donated.

Interested in finding a creative way to support preventing homelessness and ending hunger in this community?  Check out website for more information.

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