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Navigating the Unemployment Claim

Navigating the Unemployment Claim
June 30, 2013 Food ProgramsHousing AssistanceClient Stories

As a divorced woman, Joan* was hit hard when she lost her job to corporate downsizing about two months earlier. The fear of how to make ends meet was very real, particularly when Joan was advised by her former employer that she would not qualify for unemployment since she collected benefits prior to obtaining her most recent position.

Joan was frantic about how she would pay her bills until she was able to secure gainful employment again. MOM encouraged Joan to file her unemployment claim in the event that she had unused benefits that were still available.

Fortunately, Joan discovered that she had approximately three months of available benefits for which she qualified. This would allow her to continue her job search and meet her financial obligations while unemployed. In the interim period, MOM also gave Joan access to our Food Pantry in effort to help Joan stretch her household budget and focus her funds on where she needs them most.

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