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It's more than just Egyptian Lentil Soup

It's more than just Egyptian Lentil Soup
September 2, 2016 Food PantryCollaborationsMobile Food Pantry

by Shirley Nennig, Distribution Center Manager

Each week, Middleton Outreach Ministry, which hosts one of the largest food pantries in Dane County, receives a shipment of frozen soup from Dane County Healthy Food for All. The food has been a really popular choice from many of MOM’s hundreds of households that visit the Food Pantry each week.

Last week, Chris Brockel, Project Manager of Healthy Food for All, called to tell us about a woman who contacted him, wanting to know how she could get more of the Egyptian Lentil soup, thinking that he was a general food distributor, like one who would provide food to a grocery store.

The elderly woman, who lives in an apartment complex served by MOM’s Mobile Food Pantry, thought it was so delicious, she had begun bartering with her neighbors to get her hands on more of the soup.

He had to explain that the food wasn’t made directly for Healthy Food for All, but instead was rescued from Epic’s kitchen, and then packaged safely and distributed to area food pantries. She was assured that more delicious options would be available to her, even if she couldn't get more of the Egyptian Lentil.

Food is more than just nutrition. Food is something to be enjoyed and savored. Our clients don’t have the opportunity to get grocery store take-out food or eat at restaurants with high-end chefs. This food is loved and nourishes the spirit as much as the body.

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