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Help Families Reach Their Dreams

Help Families Reach Their Dreams
May 18, 2022

Chris and Jessica had big dreams for their lives. Although finances were always tight, they both worked hard and made careful plans for the future. With a second baby on the way, they were planning to move into a larger apartment that would give them a little more space for their growing family. Chris had recently taken a new job that he felt certain would lead to greater opportunities in the future.

But even the best plans can sometimes go awry. A steeper than expected seasonal downturn at Chris’s job led to a significant decrease in hours – and income right after Jessica had taken some time off her physically demanding job to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Suddenly the family found their thoughts and conversations filled with fear and uncertainty instead of dreams and plans. That’s when they turned to MOM.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, MOM was able to address the immediate crisis by providing healthy food and rent assistance to prevent the family from falling behind on rent. But at MOM we do more than prevent crises. We also help families reach their dreams. When Chris and Jessica met with a MOM case manager, they immediately told her of their dreams for the future and their commitment to reaching them. Our case manager began helping them rebuild their plans, connecting them with resources and helping them remove barriers, putting their dreams within reach again.

When you support MOM, you help us provide concrete items like milk, laundry soap and rent payments that help families avoid the trauma of hunger and homelessness and maintain stability during crisis. Your support also makes dreams possible again, opening doors to resources, removing barriers and allowing families to focus on reaching their dreams.

Please give today to help families in our community reach their dreams. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and can make a difference for families in our community. We hope you will consider joining our Circle of Hope and becoming a monthly donor at an amount that makes sense to you, providing the continuous support that makes our work possible.

Help Families reach their dreams


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