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Girl Scout Troop 2950 Make a Difference at MOM

Girl Scout Troop 2950 Make a Difference at MOM
June 1, 2021

Thank you, Girl Scout Troop 2950, for your many years of generous support.

The girls of Troop 2950 have been Scouts since kindergarten. Now, as they finish seventh grade and are ready to move on, they have decided to donate their remaining funds to MOM. They earned these funds over the years selling candy and nuts and, of course, Girl Scout cookies. They have been involved with MOM throughout their Girl Scout careers with the encouragement of Nissa Judd, a former member of the MOM board and long-time MOM supporter. Nissa is the mother of one of the Scouts. They have taken tours at MOM, donated their cookie share cookies to MOM and now wanted to help even more by donating money. 

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