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Generous Donations of Time

Generous Donations of Time
May 4, 2022 Volunteers

Every volunteer hour donated to MOM furthers our mission to create food security and housing stability! As Global Volunteer Month draws to a close, we would like to recognize MOM volunteers who were particularly generous with their time throughout 2021.

100+ Service Hours 

Rick Barker                                

Laurie Baker

Ruth Bernthal

Laura Bloomenkranz

Janet Bybee

Deb Carver

Jud Carver

Diocese of Madison Youth Ministry

Megan Ernsteen

Terry Hankes-Smith

Bill Hartman

Steve Hathaway

Joyce Kapszukiewicz

Deb Krueger

Sue Marshall

Lynn Metz

Lorelie Meyers

Joyce Muxfeld

Nancy Nichols

Joan Pahl

Doug Pahl

Judy Sanabria-Vellon

Gary Schmuhl

Ron Severson

Rosanne Strohl

Mary Ann Sveum

Deborah Thompson

Jeanne Topel

Mattie Urrutia

Barb Wiley

Carole Ziglin

250+ Service Hours

Robin Andrews

Cindy Bauer

Martha Brunner

Dan Johnson

Barb Lawrence

National Charity League

Bob Salmon

Mark Schmidt

Dave Shaw

Sara Shea

Neil Vassau

500+ Service Hours

Doreen Griesbach




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