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Future Foam Gleans and Delivers Fresh Veggies to MOM

Future Foam Gleans and Delivers Fresh Veggies to MOM
November 9, 2018 BusinessesFood Drives

It’s always fun when MOM supporters grow an annual project. It’s rewarding when an annual project creates a team building experience for the donors.

Each year, at the end of the growing season, employees from Future Foam, led by Scott Diaczun, trek out to The Tree Farm, a U-Pick farm in Cross Plains, to rescue the final vegetables of the season before they are plowed under. Nature dictates the when, what, and how, so flexibility, key. The produce is then donated to MOM.

Although this year, conditions brought a cool 33 degrees and a bit of mud, the Future Foam team prevailed. This year’s donation included a number of fresh, right from the farm vegetables including leeks, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, various winter squash, broccoli, turnips and Brussels sprouts, to name a few.  The aroma of fresh picked leeks and onions quickly filled the Distribution Center upon arrival to MOM.

The Future Foam team dug, cut, removed inedible leaves, removed soil, and delivered a literal ton - 2,074 pounds of gorgeous, fresh, produce that went directly to the MOM food pantry for distribution. Talk about farm to plate!

The Future Foam team reported the fun of using a machete, learning what collard greens and turnips are, and experiencing a different type of team building workday. While delivering and weighing in the produce, it was heard often, “I’ve got your back.” 

Thanks Future Foam for supporting MOM’s Food Pantry and for having our back too! And MOM’s food pantry, serving Cross Plains, West Madison, and Middleton, benefits from all this fun! See you next year Future Foam.

A special thank you to The Tree Farm for allowing Future Foam to glean.

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