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Donate Culturally Relevant Food to MOM

Donate Culturally Relevant Food to MOM
January 9, 2020 Food Pantry

If you’re planning to donate food to MOM, you may have come across our Top 10 list. This important list lets generous donors in our community know what our most needed items currently are. If you scroll further down on this page, you’ll find another list: Always Welcome Items. This list includes culturally relevant foods that we seek to make available to families and individual who visit our pantry.

Every day, MOM provides for people whose families and cultural traditions come from around the globe including Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. These families might speak Mandarin or Russian, be vegetarian or commonly eat food prepared with ingredients different than those in many American kitchens. When a shopper recognizes a food product printed in their language or ingredients that help them prepare their cultural dishes, it lets them know that the extended MOM community cares and appreciates their traditions and food preferences, offering them respect and dignity.


Pictured are just a few samples of the items that have been donated recently. Thank you for helping MOM to create a food pantry that welcomes all cultures and helps establish food security for everyone in our community.

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