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June 1, 2016 Food DrivesFood PantryBusinesses

Imagine having to make decisions about whether to buy much needed diapers, buy groceries, or pay your rent. Imagine wanting and needing to change your baby’s diaper because you know it’s dirty, but you only have a couple left and no money with which to buy more diapers. Diaper rash and skin infections can develop requiring a doctor’s visit.

That is a reality for many low-income parents. The Wisconsin FoodShare program (food stamps) does not cover diapers, other personal care items, or household cleaners. Decisions must be made all the time about how to spend the small amount of money coming in.

The following chart is for illustration purposes only; everyone’s diaper use will vary. The point of this is, for one child, many diapers are required and they are expensive.

Newborn: 60
Size 1: 400
Size 2: 700
Size 3: 900
Size 4: 1,500
Size 5: 2,000
Size 6; 1,000+

MOM recently received donations of diapers from the local Healthgrades office, and their efforts were increased when their national office offered to send some to add to the donation as well.   

Diaper drives are a great way for companies to make a significant impact on our community.  

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