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Can you help me reach my dreams?

Can you help me reach my dreams?
November 8, 2017 Giving Tuesday

At nine months old, Ava’s family already has big dreams for her. Her sister says she’s destined to be a drummer in a famous band. Her brother says she’s going to be an Olympic runner for sure. Her mom says Ava will definitely be a brain surgeon. But a few months ago, the family ran into some unexpected bumps. Now, Ava doesn’t have enough to eat.

Did you know that hunger during a child’s first few years affects brain development in big ways? Too little protein and nutrients can cause lasting deficits in development. It doesn’t take long for hunger to start closing doors on Ava’s future.

You can help keep those doors open. With your support, Ava can get the food she needs get back on the path to reaching whatever her own dreams might be.


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