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Can you help me become a vet?

Can you help me become a vet?
November 8, 2017 Giving Tuesday

Madelyn may only be three years old, but she already knows that she wants to take care of animals when she grows up. She is friends with all of the dogs in the neighborhood. Recently Madelyn’s family faced a major expense they weren’t prepared for. Now they can’t afford healthy food and Madelyn’s parents are worried about the electricity getting turned off. Usually bubbly and fun, Madelyn has become quiet and withdrawn.

Did you know that having enough nutritious food to eat is critical for children’s emotional development? Children who experience hunger are more likely to become depressed and withdrawn. They often have lower self-esteem than other children. Your gift can help Madelyn have healthy food to eat.  Then she can get back to taking care of the neighborhood pups.


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