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Can you help me become a soccer star?

Can you help me become a soccer star?
November 8, 2017 Giving Tuesday

Can you help me….become a soccer star?

Maria loves soccer. She was the fastest runner on her team. But lately, when she comes home from school, there hasn’t been much to eat for dinner. When her friends ask her if she wants to kick the ball around at the park, she usually says no. She just doesn’t have the energy anymore.

Every child needs healthy food to grow and develop. Did you know that hunger reduces a child’s motor skills, activity level and motivation? Kids who don’t have enough to eat have more colds, headaches and stomachaches and are more likely to develop chronic health problems.

You can make a difference! With your support, Maria can get the nutrition she needs to run and play soccer with her friends. And then maybe someday she can reach her dream of becoming a soccer star.


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