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Can you help me be the best dad?

Can you help me be the best dad?
November 8, 2017 Giving Tuesday

Anthony always said he was going to be the best dad ever. When his son was born, Anthony couldn’t wait to teach him to throw a football and help him read his first words. But unexpected health problems have put Anthony out of work and derailed his plans. Anthony has so much on his mind now that he finds it hard to enjoy his time with his son. He’s constantly thinking about what will happen if he doesn’t have enough money to pay rent and buy groceries.

Not being able to feed your children and fear of homelessness, can cause toxic levels of stress in parents. And kids experience it too. This exceptional level of stress can cause physical and mental issues and interrupt family relationships.

Your gift can make a difference. When Anthony and his son have enough food, Anthony is able to work toward solutions in his life more effectively. Anthony can again focus on the most important person in his life.


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