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November 18, 2021 Client StoriesCOVID-19Housing StabilityFood Pantry

Cecilia and Manuel worked hard to build a stable home for their two young kids. They both worked hourly, low-paying jobs without benefits. Still, they managed to hold everything together and to provide the building blocks their children needed to create strong futures. Then Covid-19 hit, and things began to crumble.

With kids doing school at home, Cecilia cut back on her work hours to help them. This meant the family had to dip into their savings. During the winter, Cecilia’s parents lost their jobs when the restaurant where they worked went out of business. Her parents moved in with them, increasing their grocery bills, stretching the space in the already small apartment to the limit and putting them at risk of eviction for breaking their lease. Then, Cecilia’s father tested positive for Covid and ended up in the hospital. Because of their exposure, Cecilia and Manuel couldn’t go to work for two weeks, greatly increasing the financial strain. When Cecilia’s father passed away from Covid, the family felt they were at their lowest point ever.

That’s when a neighbor told them about MOM. Thanks to generous support from the community, MOM was able to help them through this difficult time. While the family was quarantined, MOM delivered food, masks, and cleaning supplies. We also connected them to outside eviction prevention benefits. A case manager from MOM helped them start looking for a larger apartment so Cecilia’s mother can continue to stay with them. While their circumstances are still challenging, Cecilia and Manuel now have hope that they can build that strong future they wanted for their children.

Your support means that we are able to help families in our community get the healthy food they need and stay in their homes.

#BuildStrongerFutures for neighbors in our community by donating on #GivingTuesday now.

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