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Ashton 4H Group Donates Dairy Products to MOM

Ashton 4H Group Donates Dairy Products to MOM
March 1, 2018 Food PantryFood DrivesYouth and Families
Inspiration to support MOM's mission to End Hunger comes in many forms. Recently, members of the Ashton 4H Go-Getters combined their love for dairy, support for MOM, and honor for Al Ripp, MOM's former Executive Director who passed away in 2017.

Ashton 4H Go Getters raised $1,000 to purchase a variety of dairy products for MOM. Emily Laufenberg coordinated purchases at Costco and rounded up a team of Go Getters, including 4H Club president Zella Roth, to deliver their donation to MOM. Perishable foods come with strict food safety transportation guidelines which the Go Getters know very well, making sure that the food distributed is safe. Quite literally, they donated tons of milk, butter, cheese, and eggs.

The desire to honor a neighbor who had dedicated his life making our community better for everyone culminated with a significant donation for MOM that will be used to help those in need around us. Al would be proud. It all began with, "What can we do to help?"

Thanks Ashton 4H Go Getters!

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