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400 Points of Light

400 Points of Light
April 4, 2022 VolunteersMOM News

The month of April was declared National Volunteer Month in 1991 by President George Bush as part of his 1000 Points of Light Campaign. This is a time to recognize and celebrate the efforts of millions of Americans who contribute their time, energy, expertise and compassion to support social programs and causes. Here at MOM we are fortunate to have over 400 core volunteers that serve in a wide variety of capacities.  Over the next few weeks, we will share specific aspects of our volunteer program along with profiles of some volunteers.  By way of introduction, the following pays tribute to our volunteer administrative team and the volunteers that work behind the scenes.

The Volunteer Program at MOM supports a collection of several programs.  Most visible are the food, clothing, and Seniors programs.  In addition, volunteers support numerous Special Events throughout the year.  At the helm is Pam Higham who serves as Volunteer Program Manager.  She works in partnership with other MOM staff to help bring our mission to fruition through thoughtful placement, training and scheduling of our volunteers. Additional “behind the scenes” support comes from volunteers who dedicate their time to specific, essential tasks that keep our facilities safe and running smoothly.  These tasks include receiving donations, stocking shelves, and deep cleaning the facilities to name a few.  Dave, Moira and Joe are examples of volunteers who serve MOM in unique ways.

Dave supports the early morning receiving and unloading assignment as well as drive-up food distribution. A volunteer for over 10 years, Dave was inspired by Al Ripp (former executive director) to serve the community of Middleton.  He finds the work of MOM to be particularly valuable to the community and enjoys the camaraderie with other volunteers.  In fact, Dave says “my social circle expanded through friendships I gained at MOM”.   

Moira is one of a “small but mighty” group who volunteer every Thursday afternoon to “deep clean” the food pantry.  This is an essential task to ensure that facilities are clean, safe and inviting for the neighbors we serve. Moira, a volunteer since 2018, joined the Clean Team when COVID hit and appreciates the importance of pride in our facilities for staff, volunteers and (most importantly) our clients.  She also shares that she learns new skills from great mentors and “has been around some incredible volunteers that are a blessing to know”. 

Joe is an example of a volunteer who contributes a special skill that provides a unique service to MOM.  Joe is a software engineer by profession and provides data entry services for MOM.  He has done this for 17 years.  Joe says “it’s not the most exciting task in the world but it is important for MOM and I use my skills to contribute to the mission of MOM”.  Joe is amazed by the growth of MOM over the years.  When he started, he did all of the data entry within a couple of hours.  Now, data entry is delegated to more individuals; a sign of the expansion of MOM’s services over the years.  

Coming Next Week:  Volunteers and Food Distribution

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