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Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes

THANK YOU for bringing extra joy to over 1,000 individuals through our 2020 Winter Wishes program!  Your support of the program through financial donations meant that we were able to provide gift cards to everyone who registered.  We are grateful. 


Donor Information

As we approach a winter and holiday season that feels upended, the Winter Wishes program continues to hold an important piece of stability for families and individuals in our community. Whether it's special item requests or assistance with basics like diapers, warm winter clothing, gas or grocery cards, these wishes provide a little extra and bring joy and peace.  

While every wish is different, every wish is special. And this year, when there is so much darkness, we felt it was especially important to keep this program in place for those who could use an extended hand.

In a regular year, the Winter Wishes program matches donors with hundreds of local families who have successfully registered through MOM. Each family is matched with donors who spend $50 per family member to ensure that they each receive something special. 

The spirit of the Winter Wishes program has always been about bringing people together, which is extra challenging this winter season. To create the safest and most accessible program for all, we decided to offer MOM clients the opportunity to choose $50 gift cards for their family members, allowing them to personalize the program and have an opportunity to pick out those special gifts themselves.

During pick-up, will also be offered a gift bag of wrapping paper and personal cards to help "tie the bow" on the experience. We hope that these extras provide a bit of extra warmth.


How you can help

Help make winter wishes come true! Last year we served nearly 1400 individuals and are anticipating an even bigger need this year.  When we planned for this program in 2020, we had planned for the gift exchanges to be similar to year's past. Now, to cover the costs of the gift cards, we are trying to raise the dollars needed to offer this program to our families without any program interruption.  

In addition to financial donations, wrapping supplies and personal cards of hope and joy are needed and can be dropped off in the cabinet outside of the main office door.  Cards with both English and Spanish messages are welcome!  Email messages can be sent to and will be printed and added to gifts.  




If you have further questions, please contact our volunteer Winter Wishes Coordinator at 608-826-3415.


Additional Opportunities

If you are looking for additional ways you can gift families this season, please visit our Holiday Opportunities.


A Thank You

  • "My family received gifts from MOM's Winter Wishes Program this past year. I have never asked for help before, (I have held the same full-time job for over 3 1/2 years). My hours had been cut for over 3 months, due to lack of work at my company.

    I was trying to figure out how to buy "any" gifts for my two children this year. I received a letter from MOM asking if we wanted to receive gifts at the holidays, and we graciously accepted.

    The family that was matched with us came to our home to deliver our gifts. My high school aged daughter made some hot chocolate for our guests. The donors were so kind and filled with compassion.

    They didn't only give us physical gifts.  They also gave us the gift of their time (registering, shopping for the perfect gifts and then wrapping them, and delivering the gifts.)  Most importantly, the time they took visiting us and bring with them 'Tidings of Great Joy'.

    One of my work friends ask me what I like best about the holiday.  My answer?  "My hot chocolate friends" was my answer.They are the kind of people that inspire hope in my soul. I will be forever grateful. I hope to be able to 'Pay It Forward', someday."

    - Suzie

  • "My husband and I had the honor of being apart of Suzie and family's Christmas last year.  The humble gifts we gave Suzie and her family were pale compared to the gift we received from them. They invited us into their home and graciously entertained us with holiday refreshments.  Her son and daughter told us about themselves and their aspirations for the future.  Suzie shared with her story and what she wanted her children take away from the experience.  Suzie is a wonderful mother and person because she gave us all the true meaning of Christmas.

    Thank you for this wonderful program."

    - Winter Wishes Donor

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