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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities

Ending hunger and preventing homelessness requires all possible helping hands, but most volunteer opportunities on-site are not suited to children and have minimum age requirements for safety and other reasons. Most of our Individual volunteers are adults (college age and older).  

Youth, ages 16 and up, may be able to volunteer in some areas of the Seniors Program. In some cases, youth, ages 12 and up may be able to volunteer alongside a parent in the Seniors Program (individual volunteer applications are required for both). All individual opportunities list age requirements. In addition, children younger than 18, require a parent signature.   

Are you a high school student? Read our flyer to learn how you can volunteer and earn your community service hours through MOM. 

High School Opportunities



Kids Support Mom Too!

Kids Support Mom Too!

It warms our hearts to see the many ways area children give back to the community by supporting MOM. Food drives, lemonade stands, birthday donations in lieu of gifts—we are honored to be the recipient of the generous support of so many children.

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MOM Squad

The MOM Squad


Providing opportunities for youth to take meaningful action in their community.

  • Scheduled youth volunteer programming at MOM on several weekends throughout the year for children/families (kids ages 4K-Middle School)
  • Special opportunities for youth at MOM events

Stay in the loop!  We'll email as opportunities become available.


MOM Squad 2020 Weekend Program Dates


on hold 

MOM Squad weekend events are designed to: teach about the importance of service, meaningfully participate in a service activity, receive information about opportunities in which they can participate outside of the event, and learn about MOM.  

The program is geared towards Elementary and Middle School-aged students. Children ages 9 and up may attend without an adult. We always welcome families and adults!

The program has a maximum of 20 participants. Waivers will need to be signed by parents/chaperones and will be provided at the event.

Registration form MUST be filled out by the Parent/Legal Guardian of the child attending, even if it is not the parent who is bringing the child to the event.

Each date will feature different activities and may be at different locations.  Children may sign up for one, or for many! 


Here are some other ways to get involved, great for all ages:

  • Collect paper and plastic bags to donate to the MOM Food Pantry!
  • Organize a food or clothing drive and bring the items in to MOM. Look at the Top Ten Needs list for ideas
  • Plant a garden or a row in your garden for MOM, then donate the produce to MOM’s food pantry
  • Host a lemonade stand for MOM, and donate the proceeds.  Other creative ideas include backyard movie nights, paper airplane flying contests, and more.

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