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Why I Give: Leslie Huber

Why I Give:  Leslie Huber
November 15, 2016 DonorsFood PantryWhy I Give

by Leslie Huber, MOM Board Member

Last year, I visited a family I had grown to care about a lot. As a single mother with two small children, she was constantly juggling—trying to make the pieces of work, child care, and just life all fit. As we were sitting on her couch talking, her little boy walked in. He was holding an empty green bean can to his mouth, drinking the juice from the bottom of it. I asked what he was doing and she said, “He’s hungry. That’s all the food we have left in the house.”

I asked her how and when they would get more food. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I don’t know.”

I still think about that little boy sucking every last drop of green bean juice out of the can. I think about him when I sit down to dinner with my own little boy, with plenty of food piled in front of us. And I think about him when I donate my time or money to MOM. It’s because of him—and many more like him—that I give. I give because I believe no child should go hungry.

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