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November 1, 2016 Client StoriesHousing Assistance


A single mother of two children, Brenda was working at a full time job with benefits when she moved into her apartment last December.  She had a Section 8 voucher to help pay for her housing, and she felt like she was on the road to stability.  But when her daycare plans fell through, she was forced to miss so much work, that she lost her job.

Her Section 8 voucher was supposed to pay for any rent above one-third of her income, but the only apartment Brenda could find was over what HUD considers to be Fair Market Value, so Brenda had to make up the difference.  Even though, after she lost her job, Brenda had no income, she was still responsible for paying  $113 per month in rent which, combined with her other expenses, slowly drained the tiny amount of money she had in savings.  Lacking daycare and employment, she quickly exhausted the help available from family and friends.  When her apartment management started the eviction process, Brenda turned to MOM for help.

MOM’s case manager was able to negotiate with Brenda’s landlord and with financial help from MOM’s housing assistance program, she was able to avoid eviction and keep a stable home for her children.  She also was able to receive school supplies for the kids, thanks to MOM’s Back to School backpack program to help her oldest child start school ready to learn.  Brenda is now working with an employment agency to get a third shift job so that other family members can watch the kids as they sleep and she can avoid the costs and time restrictions that daycare often demands.



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