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Spring brings the Hope of New Beginnings

Spring brings the Hope of New Beginnings
May 17, 2017

With your help and support, MOM works to end hunger and prevent homelessness—and to provide the hope for a brighter day. MOM’s Food Pantry distributed 1.4 million pounds of food in 2016 to our neighbors in need, and we continue to strive, with your help, to offer healthy and fresh food choices every day.

MOM staff and volunteers are preparing the soil and planting the three gardens that help provide nutritious produce to our Food Pantry in the spring, summer and fall.  MOM’s teaching garden offers the opportunity for shoppers at the Food Pantry to learn how to plant, cultivate and harvest—tips they can use in their own MOM garden plots or even in container gardens at home.

Hungry children have lower math scores.  They are also are more likely to repeat a grade, come to school late, or miss it entirely. - American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Pediatrics

Good nutrition is important for everyone but especially for children.  A child’s growing body requires a variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins for healthy development. Their brains need healthy nutrition in order to develop normal cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills.   Children who don’t receive proper nutrition in the early years are more vulnerable to illness and chronic health conditions. Many also experience emotional problems like anxiety and depression.

Kids love food and when kids are exposed to eating garden-fresh fruits and vegetables at an early age, especially from gardens they’ve helped to plant and grow, they form lifelong, healthy eating habits.

Nothing Like a Garden Fresh Tomato

Kendra and her two sons worked in MOM’s gardens last year.  

"I felt (gardening) would be a great experience for my sons and I wanted them to be able to grow and taste fresh veggies, just as I did when I was a little girl in my mother’s garden.  I grew up on fresh garden veggies and until now, I haven’t tasted anything like a fresh from-the-garden tomato.

Working in the garden has been a great experience, not only for me, but for both of my children. My 11 year old has been very active   from the beginning with helping out.  He stopped down while I was working (in the garden) to make sure everything was watered. For him to have an opportunity to experience the benefits of growing your own food is to me—wonderful!”

Will you help put healthy foods on your neighbors’ plates?

Your gift of any amount will help families access nutritious foods and help your neighbors’  children succeed in school and in life.  

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