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Preventing Homelessness-- together, with you!

Preventing Homelessness-- together, with you!
December 28, 2015 MOM News

It's the time of year when I look back on the people that I've been fortunate to work with throughout 2015.

I think about the woman who decided to leave her abusive partner and came with her son to live in the Madison area. Because of your generosity, MOM was able to assist her by providing part of her security deposit. With the addition of food and clothing and ongoing case management, her family had they support they needed to stabilize and start a new life.

I think about the hundreds of children who, through the generous support of people like you, received new backpacks filled to the brim with everything they needed to start the school year. I also think about their parents, who were so thankful not to have an extra expense when their budgets were already too tight.

I think about the man, who when he found out his mother was passing away, called me first. He said that he 'knew that I would know the right things to say." I think about how MOM feeds not only people's bodies, but also their spirits.

In 2015, thanks to overwhelming community support and partnerships from individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and families, MOM helped bridge the gap and kept more than 500 families from becoming homeless through our stable housing program.

I saw firsthand how the generosity of our community prevented homelessness through financial donations, program support, and volunteerism. I can't thank you enough for your generosity and care.

We received an email today from someone who uses MOM's services. It simply said "Thank you for giving me a better life."

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