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MOM’s Food Pantry: A Saving Grace for Families

MOM’s Food Pantry: A Saving Grace for Families
January 20, 2018 Client Stories

Parents want their kids to feel safe, happy and loved. They want to make sure they always have their basic needs met. So imagine what it feels like to not know if you’ll have enough money at the end of the month to buy food for your kids. Imagine what it feels like to worry that your children are going to go hungry. That was a very real worry to Shannon—until she found MOM. Here’s Shannon’s experience:

My family recently moved back to this area after being away for a couple of years. My husband has a job but we are struggling to cover our moving expenses and get started in our new community. On top of that, I have some significant health issues. Providing enough food for my two children to eat has been a challenge. There is nothing worse as a parent than not knowing how you will provide basic necessities for your children. MOM has been our saving grace. What really stands out to me is how we are always treated with respect and dignity when we visit the food pantry or meet with case managers. In a difficult time for our family when we have felt weighed down by our situation, MOM provides us hope and stability. Knowing that my children won't go hungry takes a huge burden from my shoulders. 

Thank you for supporting MOM and making this possible.

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