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Mary and Owen

Mary and Owen
November 15, 2016 Client Stories

Sometimes there just isn't enough to pay all of the bills, and she has to decide between shelter and food.

For Mary, life often felt like one, big, unexpected medical bill. Owen, her son and the love of her life, had a developmental disability. Their medical and living expenses were nearly always larger than her paycheck. Then, her hours were cut back at work.

In despair, Mary turned to MOM for help. MOM’s case managers were able to provide immediate rent and utility bill assistance to keep Mary and Owen in stable and affordable housing. Over the next few months, Mary began to have hope. Weekly visits to the MOM Food Pantry provided the nutritious food she and Owen needed to maintain health and enjoy meals together. Occasional visits to MOM’s Clothing Center helped them stay warm all winter. Mary started catching up on her bills.

Nearly 48% of MOM's clients are children, like Owen. Because of donors like you, MOM is helping protect them from the devastating effects of homelessness and helping to fill their plates with food.

When Mary came to tell her case manager that she no longer lived in fear, she was smiling for the first time in a very long time. She had hope.



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