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November 21, 2018

Amy loves doing her math homework - she loves it so much that she usually gets the homework for the whole week done on the first night.  On the other week nights, she lines her stuffed animals up so she can teach them what she is learning in school.  

Recently Amy's mother had her hours at work cut back.  Amy's mom was a master at making her salary cover her expenses for the month, but fewer hours meant less money.  Now, Amy's mom was trying to figure out what to cut out of her budget.  Rent or fresh carrots?  Utilities or milk?

In situations like this, people like Amy's mom are left with impossible choices.  Research says hunger could prevent Amy from excelling in math.  Children who are hungry have lower standardized test scores, particularly in math.  

At MOM, we say together we can change that.  A caring community that acts can offer Amy's mom the opportunity she needs to work with a case manager who can not only offer her rental assistance to avoid eviction, but can also connect her with community resources.  Because of your action, Amy can have fresh carrots, wholesome milk, and all the food that her family needs, whenever they need it.  With your support, Amy will continue to teach her stuffed animals addition and subtraction.

Amy and her family are valued.  We believe everyone deserves to have the food that they need to thrive and a stable place to call home.  

Alone it can feel like we can't make a difference.  But together we can continue to make life better for thousands in our community and ensure that they have the basics they need to grow and thrive.

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