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Achieving a Dream

Achieving a Dream
June 23, 2016 Client StoriesFood ProgramsHousing AssistanceClothing Center

When I first met Anna in 2012 she was a single mother of three kids, living in low-income housing, taking college classes, and trying to make ends meet on almost nothing.  Her fortitude was nothing short of incredible.  She impressed me with her determination and strength of character.  I recall her telling me that friends made fun of her rusty old car, but she told them she had dreams she was working to achieve, and the car would have to wait.

By 2014, Anna had obtained an associate’s degree, a result of her unwillingness to give up despite the obstacles.  Despite her achievement, she was still struggling to find a professional job; working at whatever job she could get.  MOM continued to provide the support of food, clothing, and occasional financial assistance while she balanced all of the needs of her family.

Fast forward to today:  Anna recently married her long-time beau and now they are a household of five.  Both she and her husband are working full time.  Since combining households they have lost all their Food Share Benefits and housing subsidy and no longer qualify for financial assistance from MOM.  But together, they are afloat and still dream big.   Anna is reassured to know that if she has an emergency need for food, she can always find food – and hope – at MOM.  She knows her family will never be hungry.  And I am encouraged that sometimes dreams do come true.

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